Mr. Van Haasteren (Mr. V) Brings Positivity to Archmere


Maura Read '25, Staff Writer

Among the new employees being welcomed into Archmere’s community this year is Mr. Kees Van Haasteren, generally known as Mr. V . He is the Assistant Director of College Counseling. 

Mr. V is already getting used to the Archmere campus and feels our community’s inclusivity. He feels the friendliness and our welcome to him from our community. He grew up in a small town in Maine. He went to Susquehanna University to study Finance and Banking. After a realization of his true interests, he switched to college admissions, working at many different schools. After working in that area for many years, he realized he wanted to “help students more directly.”  He received his graduate degree from the University of Connecticut. 

His love for his job is shown through the pride he feels for his students’ accomplishments. He expresses his excitement to see the results of the students he is helping this year. In addition to his love for his job, he also finds joy through his puppy, Ellie Marmalade. A fun fact about him is that he almost ran over Steven King with his car! This coincidentally correlates to Steven King’s horror book about getting run over by a car and then many obscure events follow. 

Many of Mr. V’s previous experiences have shaped his view of his job and life.  One of his biggest pieces of advice for high school students is “Don’t Panic.” Anyone who walks into his room is greeted by a large poster proclaiming this message. He continues to explain that in order for students to find the best school for them, he advises students to “be yourself and not take everything too seriously.”  This occupation suits Mr. V well because he understands the common high schooler’s struggles and worries. His perception of the hardest piece of the college admissions process is the anticipation of waiting to hear from schools. He states that the way to overcome this overwhelming feeling is to “put yourself forward in the best way that you possibly can, and then recognize that it’s out of your hands.” The high school experience is not one to miss out on because of the apprehensions about college and life. Finally, some parting life advice would also be to not panic. Taken from his favorite book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” he concludes that “I try not to panic about things and I hope that other people try that as well!”

Mr. V is a great addition to the Archmere community, and we are excited for the rest of the community to get to know him and all he has to offer.