The Joy of Charcoal Pit

Lucy Weinig and Kaitie Hickey

Although Charcoal Pit is a Delaware classic, some people from out of state have never even heard of it. It is a casual diner with jukeboxes at tables featuring a classic diner meal and eating experience. The delicious burgers and shakes are what made Charcoal Pit famous and are why so many customers are still coming back today. If you are up for a big challenge at Charcoal Pit, you can dip into the kitchen sink. Grab all your favorite ice cream lovers to try the kitchen sink sundae with a whopping 20 scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, just jammed with banana spears, chocolate syrup, crushed pineapple, cherries, and wet walnuts, and loaded with whipped cream topped with cherries. 


Charcoal Pit is a restaurant that has been located on 202 since its opening in 1956. If you’re from Delaware, it’s likely that your parents would hang out there in high school as well! Speaking of high school, Charcoal Pit’s large dessert menu has themed sundaes in sponsor of your high school. Between the Concord raider to the Sallies sundae, many local schools have their very own ice cream creation for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, Archmere has yet to be featured on the menu… maybe we should make this happen! If we did have our own creation, it should definitely be called the Auk Sundae, maybe a mint chocolate chip base representing our school color.


Based on the great amount of people from out of state who have never even heard of Charcoal Pit, we decided to take some of our friends from Pennsylvania for a try. Overall, they really enjoyed the classic milkshakes they have to offer, with a wide variety of flavors you can customize to your liking. You can also never go wrong with some of their fries and mac n cheese bites. Even if you’re not a local, Charcoal Pit truly has something for everyone, and their friendly staff definitely makes the experience more enjoyable. Despite the amazing appetizers and milkshakes, the diner still has many other options. For whatever you’re craving, Charcoal Pit is the place to suit all your needs.