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HUMAN #1: Alexander Bogey

Anna Benner ’24
Alex Bogey struts his style in the beginning of his senior year.

Q: How do you participate in the Archmere community?

A: “I participate in a lot of extracurriculars and clubs. Right now, I am president of the Scuba Club and I also have a major role in video announcements. I like to do stuff that I find engaging… I like making segments because it’s fun editing it together and also giving people an opportunity to (be entertained) and make their lunch a little better.” 


Q: What is your dream day at Archmere? 

A: “Probably a day where I get to do a lot of stuff- I usually come to school at 7:30 (and) where I have time to meet friends, go to a lot of classes I like. I usually like it when I have art and band on the same day; it offers a nice break from strenuous classes. I also like to have a nice extracurricular after school–maybe helping out in the theater with the play or doing swimming or just hanging out with people.” 


Q: Where would you like to be in 10 years? 

A: “That is a big question… I would like to graduate from college, have a nice job pursuing something I will be happy with. I haven’t decided on a college major but I would like to have a job where I can hang out with good people, and be happy going to work every single day. Hopefully living a meaningful life. And financially stable too.” 


Q: What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you? 

A: “Well, I was a Boy Scout for a really long time. I joined Cub Scouts when I was in first grade–I was a tiger scout. And I stayed with the program for a very long time and I became Eagle actually right before Covid, before my fourteenth birthday… I also have a love of pursuing merit badges and I have about 100+ right now and it is something that I enjoy very much, and it is a feat that not many people have accomplished. It’s just something that I love to do… I have learned a lot through the process and it really has changed me as a human being because I was never really much of a sporty guy when I was younger so Boy Scouts gave me the opportunity to have an excuse to go outside and do whatever.” 


Q: What is your biggest pet peeve? 

A: “Probably when you’re in public and someone is on their phone watching TikTok or YouTube without headphones. It’s okay if you’re showing someone else a video but like if the person is all the way up, we don’t need to hear your podcasting you know.” 

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Anna Benner ’24, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Anna Benner is a current Archmere senior and the Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Green Arch. When not working for The Green Arch, she loves running Archmere’s environmental club, Auks for the Earth, and also running in general, such as for cross country and track. Outside of school, Anna can be found reading a good book, caring for her chickens and guinea pigs, and trying not to kill her plants or fish.

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