The Green Arch


Kaylee Paranczak

December 12, 2018

Filled with heartbreak and courage, the movie 42 is an emotional rollercoaster telling the story of the first ever African American baseball player, Jackie Robinson. Working his way up from the very bottom, the future Brooklyn...


Zac Spaeder

December 12, 2018

While driving home in the dark after seeing Halloween, I anxiously checked my mirrors and kept tight watch on my surroundings, just waiting for a serial killer to emerge from the woods. This movie gave me an uneasy feeling. I sat ...


Alexis Rendel

December 12, 2018

Recently, the theatre department at West Chester University staged a production of the Greek tragedy Antigone with the innovative dynamic of an all female cast. Penned by Sophocles, the play follows the title character, Antigo...

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