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THE GREEN ARCH is a semi-annually student-run publication at Archmere Academy. The website for the publication is

Mission Statement

The Green Arch seeks to consistently provide accurate information and impactful content to the Archmere Community. Our articles aim to educate the student body on local, national and global issues via professional, engaging print and digital platforms. We strive to create a voice for the Archmere community members, allowing them to generate original content in an inclusive environment. As the school newspaper, we commit ourselves to upholding Archmere’s pillars of zeal, wisdom, respect, reverence and community.


Letters to the editors are encouraged. Readers may submit a letter via email to [email protected] Editors reserve the right to contact writers or edit submissions for clarity or for space. Comments both in print and on our digital platforms are subject to review for appropriateness. Not all comments or letters will be published.

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New contributors are always welcome! Please contact any member of the staff listed below for more information, or email [email protected]