Mrs. Wright, the Right Choice for Archmere

Luke Currie

An English teacher and director of communications at St. Mark’s, Mrs. Valerie Wright is now settling into her second year teaching in the English department here at Archmere.

 Wright transitioned from St. Mark’s in the summer of 2018 and is now in her second year of teaching at Archmere. Conceptually, it was a difficult decision to make: she was teaching for 13 years at St. Mark’s where she herself attended. Although transitioning to Archmere from the comfort of her history at St. Mark’s would naturally be difficult, the Archmere community ended up making it extremely easy for Wright.

 “The students and the families made the transition very easy.  Everyone was welcoming. From a professional standpoint, everyone was very supportive,” said Wright.

 After the transition, Wright quickly assimilated herself into the English Department. This is because of her compatibility with her coworkers who welcomed and supported her transition.

“Overall, I enjoy my coworkers here at Archmere to a great extent. The vision here at Archmere is much stronger and more directed. My coworkers in my department are phenomenal,” said Wright.

In the English department, Wright brings new qualities the department previously did not have and they definitely help to diversify it. These qualities introduce a new level of joy and excitement into the department. An example of this is when Wright introduced the fun activity Pollyanna amongst the English teachers last year during Christmas.

“She brings fun and a level of creativity that I think are really good for the department. She brings a level of light-heartedness that the English department is not particularly known for. We voted her the unofficial social chair of the department,” said Mrs. Maher.

Outside of her department, Wright became quickly involved in the Archmere community and extracurricular activities. Of course, she taught English, but she also involved herself into student life where she truly found what she loves about Archmere. 

Wright is a coach for the cheerleading team and the teacher moderator for the Kids Count Club, a club that helps kids in need within Delaware. Not only is Wright be fun and exciting, but she can also get down to business when needed. 

“She is very serious and passionate about cheerleading. She is very determined to advance the cheer team,” said junior Chloe Mantakounis.

From teaching English and helping those in need to leading an Archmere team, Mrs. Wright’s energy and interests make her perfect for what Archmere teachers need to be successful.