Zac Spaeder

While driving home in the dark after seeing Halloween, I anxiously checked my mirrors and kept tight watch on my surroundings, just waiting for a serial killer to emerge from the woods. This movie gave me an uneasy feeling. I sat on the edge of my seat in the theater waiting for Michael Myers’ next move. Will this man die? Will that man kill him? What is going to happen? Generally, I find horror movies predictable and cliché. I watch horror movies and get mad because I silently command the characters to get out of the house, or call the cops, etc.; however, I didn’t feel that way watching this movie. It provided a fresh and new perspective on the potential of horror movies. Halloween dug deeper into the minds of the villian and the hero. This movie doesn’t rely on simple jump scares to spook you, but it makes you feel desperate; inflicting feelings of worry, desperation, anxiousness, and so much more. While watching this movie I felt sick to my stomach; the tension is overwhelming to say the least. The last 20 to 30 minutes reached a new level of suspense, and as a result, I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath. It had me so on edge that whenever someone in the theater moved I jumped, half expecting them to be Michael Myers.

However, I did find some faults in this movie. I think it struggled with plot holes: there were several unnecessary plot points that were opened up to seemingly just waste time before getting to the climax of the movie. Like the first movie, and every horror movie, the law enforcement in this movie is the worst. The police seemed more concerned with PR and their image than anything else. I would think that if a famous serial killer was on the loose there would be more than just the sheriff on the lookout for him. I also struggled to connect with the characters, with the exception of one character who provides a bit of comic relief in a very tense scene. In the original Halloween I was rooting for the characters, but in this movie I was just frustrated with them. Also, why does everyone always think there is some sort of weird prank? If I was home alone and heard someone banging around, I’m not calling my friends’ names thinking they’re joking with me; I am running so fast out of that house. With all that said, I did enjoy this movie. The eerie score coupled with frightening visuals provided a state of angst and terror I had previously not experienced in a horror sequel.