Tik Tok Takes Over: Why the new platform has swept Auk Nation


Grace Janvier , Art & Photography Editor

TikTok has left students scrolling for hours; a key source of procrastination. There seems to be a sound or video relating to any situation. In fact, many students have begun to make their own TikToks, poking fun at school-related topics or sports. Sports teams such as Auks Cross-Country have even made Tik Toks during meets or while warming up. Group chats have been created for the sole purpose of sending TikToks. As a result, Archmere has made it to the “For You” page, thanks to senior Henry Li. Senior Bella Magat believes, “TikTok is the light of my life. The wind beneath my wings.”

Although many people are hesitant to download TikTok initially, it quickly becomes integrated into their daily routine. It has been said that downloading TikTok leads to an addiction, with students spending hours on the app daily. Unlike other social media platforms, it is much easier to become “TikTok famous.” A few Archmere students with TikTok fame include Austin Maguire and Henry Li. Its similarity to the apps Vine and Musically has lead TikTok to gain popularity. However, unlike Musically, TikTok has transformed into an app solely for comedy, similar to Vine. It only takes one click to share TikToks over text, Snapchat, or even download, allowing Tik Tok to continuously gain a larger and larger platform.