Grotto’s vs. MOD Pizza


Niko Omiridis, Staff Reporter

According to Archmere students, two of the best places to get a slice of pizza are Grotto’s Pizza, located in Wilmington, DE and Mod Pizza, located in Chadds Ford, PA. Despite a wide variety of options on both menus, and good affordable prices that most people can afford, their single slice of pizza varies quite a bit. If you like a thin crust, MOD pizza is your destination. On the other hand, Grotto’s is the ideal home for thick crust enthusiasts. The quality of the pizza is judged in three categories: appearance, taste, and texture. 

Appearance: Grotto’s pizza rocks the swirl pattern of cheese and sauce, and the thick crust sticks out especially at the end. Mod pizza is more of the classic sauce on the bottom, cheese on top type. The pizza from Mod was also a much thinner crust and smaller in shape, though the size can easily be changed. Since the cheese is on the top, we also look at its appearance. Both Mod and Grotto’s had a white layer with darker spots(which come from mozzarella cheese that cooks more than its surroundings.). Overall, the winner, though it was close, was Grotto’s Pizza. 

Taste: This was by far the toughest category, but the winner was once again Grotto’s pizza. For MOD pizza, there was a slight rubbery taste to the crust. While this may have been a little “bad luck,” it still has to be factored in. The cheese was very soft and flavorful, while the sauce was smooth and I noticed the aroma of basil quickly. Meanwhile, Grotto’s flaunts its “legendary taste,” and for good reason too. Their sauce is a little thicker but the taste still delivers. What, in my opinion, makes Grotto’s so unique is the flavor their cheese has. Most pizza contains bland cheese that only provides a creamy texture, but Grotto’s cheese does more. It actually was the taste of the cheese that gave Grotto’s the edge in this category. For both chains, the crust was just about even in taste.

Texture: Again, Grotto’s pizza owned this category due to its thick, rustic crust that is hard to find these days. Many times with texture, there needs to be a contrast between two things. The soft cheese and somewhat creamy sauce pairs perfectly with the thick, crispy bottom layer. The crust was also very flavorful and airy, which is what it should be. MOD pizza doesn’t compare with Grotto’s much at all in this category. The texture was mainly all soft and chewy. As mentioned above, the bottom layer and crust was very rubbery and chewy instead of crispy; however, if you are a thin crust purist, MOD is actually the better option for you. 

In short, Grotto’s pizza remains superior to MOD pizza due to its flawless texture, wonderful flavor, and stunning appearance. If you are looking for a good slice of pizza that will not disappoint, Grotto’s should be your number one destination. For those who want to remain Team Thin Crust, MOD pizza is just a short trip from many locations in southeast PA.