Texas and Oklahoma SEC Bound

Photo Credits: Brett McMurphy and Stadium College Football Insider

Photo Credits: Brett McMurphy and Stadium College Football Insider

Brendan McGuire '23, Sports Editor

 As the college football season rolls on, there is no doubt that within the next three years, we, the college football fans, are destined to see great change throughout the entire landscape of college football. All of this change is coming from the movement of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC, the best conference in college football undoubtedly. This move, which some who are not as invested into college football may call minor and “no big deal”, are dead wrong as already we are beginning to see the domino effect take place as other college football conferences such as the ACC (Atlantic Coastal Conference), Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and AAC (American Athletic Conference) clammer to bolster their talent and colleges or just avoid complete destruction of their conference. We will run through each of these conferences  and the major keys to keep these conferences from going under. Also, as we run through these conferences, please keep in mind that this is purely from the perspective of college football, not any other sports. 

    The Big 10 has been a powerhouse college football conference for years now and is undoubtedly the closest competitor to the SEC. Containing teams like Penn State, Michigan, Ohio St., Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan St., and Wisconsin, it is a rare year when a Big 10 team does not make the College Football Playoff. So does the Big 10 need to do anything to answer the SEC’s move to gain Oklahoma and Texas. The answer is simply no. The only viable option for the Big 10 to make is to gain Notre Dame, another college football powerhouse that currently, by choice, does not have a conference. And that is likely to stay true throughout this process. Notre Dame already has a multi million dollar deal with NBC and pulls in all the revenue a small private college in Indiana could ever need. However, this seems to be, as of right now, the only team the Big 10 could add that would help them in any way. Any other team from any other conference, with the exception of the SEC of course, would likely only be a  downgrade and tarnish the longstanding history of winning the Big 10 has. Then again, Rutgers is in the Big 10.

       The next conference is the Atlantic Coastal Conference, better known as the ACC. The ACC has a reputation of continuously being carried by Clemson, a football powerhouse in their own respects. However the rest of the conference is frail and weak. Florida State has a big game about once in a blue moon and Miami hasn’t seemed to sell out Hard Rock Stadium in three years, despite being somewhat half decent. The frontrunners in the conference, Wake Forest and NC State, hardly ever draw national attention. They barely draw any attention from the students that go to those schools. So, what’s the best option for the ACC?