Trump’s Tweet of the Week

Emily Lugg

On October 17th, in the wake of his controversial 20/20 interview, President Donald Trump tweeted this message concerning the needs of college-educated women on his personal account, @realDonaldTrump:

Statistically speaking, President Trump is totally correct in his assessment of this demographic’s priorities. In a 2017 investigation, The Pew Research Center found that most millenial women place gender equality at the top of their list of political priorities. Especially in the midst of the #MeToo movement, many women define this rather abstract concept of “gender equality” as their right to a safe work environment as well as to a sense of personal security equal to their male coworkers. Women who have received higher education and work intellectually demanding (and often male-dominated) jobs are certainly likely to value safety and security, especially in the workplace.

President Trump suggests that his leadership offers the best resolutions for these needs. After all, the Trump administration has placed national security at the forefront of its agenda. But do President Trump’s definitions of “safety” and “security” mirror those of the educated female demographic at stake, or are they more at odds than this tweet suggests?

Where college educated women are concerned with safety and security in the work and social sphere, the President prioritizes the safety and security of the American border, which we can safely assume he was referencing in this tweet. In terms of border security, however, Trump and college educated women lie on nearly opposite sides of the political spectrum.

So will they, in fact, be voting for President Trump when the 2020 elections roll around? Looking at the breakdowns of the results of the 2016, as well as the demographic turnouts at various protests of the Trump administration, we can assume they probably won’t. But we’ll have to wait until then to find out.