Mr. Brian Manelski Receives Carl S. Campion Service Award

Elizabeth Maher '24, Asst. News and Managing Editor

Mr. Brian Manelski of the Archmere English department was awarded the Carl S. Campion Award On February 8, 2023.

Named after Mr. Carl Campion, former Archmere teacher and cur- rent Director of Operations, the Carl S. Campion Award is given annually to a member of the school commu- nity. The recipient is recognized for dedicated, consistent, and selfless service to the school community, as well as a commitment to all elements of Archmere life, like humility and integrity. Previous recipients of the prestigious award include retired French teacher, Mme Cooper, and retired athletic trainer, Mr. Malseed.

In her speech announcing Mr. Manelski as the recipient of the award, Madame Thiel described his generosity in giving his “time, talents, and energies” to benefit the school community. “Most employees spend about 40 hours a week at work. I’m not a math expert, but based on my calculations, this year’s Carl Campion Service Award winner spends upward of 60 hours per week on campus–including nights and weekends,” she said.

Mr. Klinge, a fellow English teacher, reemphasized Mr. Manelski’s widespread and dedicated com- mitment to the whole Archmere community. “He has his fingers in so many different areas of the school. You know, he’s involved with theater, sports, behind the scenes with things, and he’s always ready to fill in the gaps when needed,” he said. A prime example of Mr. Manelski’s behind- the-scenes contribution is his work in the light booth during school assemblies; in fact, he was working the lights at the Carl S. Campion award ceremony and had to unexpectedly run down from the booth to accept the award.

Beyond his responsibilities as an English teacher, Mr. Manelski dedicates hours upon hours to the Drama Club, directing and running shows like this winter’s “Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.” In weeks leading up to the final performance, he stays after school until late at night to ensure that the performances are prepared and the show is running smoothly– all without complaint.

Mr. Manelski’s care for the Arch- mere community extends far beyond the theater, as he also takes the time to announce home sports games after school. While attending an athletic event, Mr. Manelski’s passionate voice can be heard as he recounts each player by name, announcing lineups as well as play-by-play for football games.
Mr. Manelski’s dedication to the school community does not go unnoticed by students. Alicia Chu ‘24 said, “Mr. Man invests more time into the school than I could ever imagine. He is a part of every aspect of this school, whether or not we all realize it. I am so grateful that he gives me and other students the opportunity to be on stage, even though he is the one putting in all the work to make everything run.” Many other students agree. Even those who have not had him as a teacher know him because of his work in Drama Club, at athletic events, or even just because of his energetic and welcoming personality.

In reaction to receiving the award, Mr. Manelski expressed both grati- tude and surprise. “Like I said in my speech,” he said, “I didn’t think I was on the same level as Mr. Campion, Madame Cooper, and other teachers who have gotten the award in the past. I was shocked, but the reinforcement of the community after I got the award made me feel that, yes, I guess I deserve this.”

After reflecting on his award and the Archmere community as a whole, Mr. Manelski wanted to share some advice with students. “I think the best way to feel good about yourself is to give out to people,” he said. “It makes me happy if I can help boost others a little bit, and I think that’s what everyone should do.”