MORP and Homecoming Return to Archmere


Natalie Gildea ‘23, Editor In Chief

The return of students to the Archmere campus every fall always signals the resurgence of a fan-favor- ite school tradition: MORP. The rules are simple for this “backwards” take on a traditional school dance—wear your brightest neon colors and have fun dancing to a well-loved playlist of upbeat music.

Although last year’s MORP was held inside with masks being option- al, this year’s iteration of the dance was the first time since 2019 that it’s been held on its typical mid-Septem- ber date. Especially for Archmere’s new students, the earlier date offers
a great opportunity to enjoy the night while getting to know fellow classmates.

Only weeks after MORP, Arch- mere’s second, slighly more formal Homecoming dance took place. Students opted for more formal attire for this dance, even though the dance floor remained crowded throughout the event. This was the first time since 2019 that Homecoming has been held indoors, since stringent COVID-19 precautions forced the dance to be held in the Quad last fall.

With a “return to normal” for Archmere’s fall dances, students were eager to make the most of it and enjoy themselves during the events.