Archmere Coffeehouse Moves to the Queen!


Photo Collage of Auks killing it at Coffee House. Photo credits to Amanda Treston

Amanda Treston ‘22, Staff Reporter

This year, Archmere’s coffeehouse went on the road to The Queen in Wilmington, and the performers certainly did not disappoint. The change in location was certainly a welcome surprise, as the Coffeehouse tradition has changed its location consistently for the last three years, with the event being held in the theater, the SLC and even the quad! Along with the new venue came some absolutely iconic Costco pizzas and Archmere-themed, green mock-tails. All of the thought and preparation that went into Coffeehouse this year certainly made it a special occasion for the performers- especially the seniors! I myself have been doing Coffeehouse since my sophomore year, and I’ve loved looking back on my performances and seeing how I’ve grown alongside my amazingly talented friends. So, getting to make some of my final Archmere memories on a real coffeehouse stage was an experience I will certainly remember forever! Of course, I need to mention all of my fellow senior performers who took their final Coffeehouse bow at the Queen: Ryana Rajesh, Ray Bellace, Kaitlyn Kaulback, Pauline Hartman, Rob Smith, Dylan Addo and Mekhi Solomon! We rocked the stage, guys! 

And of course, I couldn’t forget our first-time performers: the freshman Auks! First freshman of the night, Caeleigh Crane, blew us all away with her guitar and vocal skills. And when she and Bridget McNamara teamed up for a beautiful duet right after, we all knew that Archmere Coffeehouse will be in good hands for the next four years. Great job to the freshman and all of the underclassmen who gave their talents to make the night truly memorable. 

Overall, the night was a great success. I know I can’t wait to be sent videos from college of next year’s amazing Coffeehouse first-time and returning performers. Great job, musically-inclined Auks!