A March Madness to Remember


Photo credits to Getty Images

Brendan McGuire , Sports Editor

With March Madness officially over and the Kansas Jayhawks being crowned champions, the millions of college basketball fans around the country are forced to wait until November of next year for more college basketball action.

 The local Villanova Wildcats fans were left with a sour taste in their mouth as they exited the tournament one game too early. And as for the Delaware Blue Hens, a first-round, twenty-point loss to the Villanova Wildcats could not have been more disappointing. However, the fans of both these teams cannot stay unhappy for long, as both seasons were successful in their own ways. Villanova finished with an incredible record of 27-7, winning the Big East Championship and sending beloved senior point guard Colin Gillespe to the NBA to further the legacy of great Villanova players. As for Delaware, they finished the season with a 22-13 record and won the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) championship. The season will certainly be marked as one of Delaware’s best seasons in recent memory, and hopefully the program can only continue to gain traction following this impressive season. 

At Archmere, students watched the games intently on their computers during the first days of the tournament, cheering on their bracket picks in the early window games. However, by the end of the second day, most students had come to the sad realization that this year was not, in fact, their year. And with the cinderella team St. Peter’s Peacocks knocking off the number-two seed Kentucky Wildcats, all students could do was hop on the bandwagon and hope for more miracle upsets. During MORP, students gathered around the board to watch four blue blood teams, Duke, North Carolina, Villanova, and Kansas, battle it out in the Final Four featuring two amazing games. And even though Villanova lost, students could still take refuge in the fact that Coach K, Duke’s head coach, would not be retiring on a high note with a loss to his archrival, North Carolina. 

However, as all things do, the tournament came to an end on April 5—a great finish to another great tournament. Kansas was able to overcome adversity and beat North Carolina in a nail-biting championship game. And so, with that, the tournament was over, and every team was once again 0-0. As for the fans, a 343-day intermission awaits them until the next tournament begins. And when it does, fans will once again hope for that perfect bracket, that 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chance to make history.