Archmere Fashion Show


Senior Boys dance down the runway wearing Matthews Formal wear.

Emma Fannin, Staff Reporter

The beginning of the sentimental, yet well-earned, end has officially started for the senior class. They kicked off the start of their senior celebrations with the annual senior fashion show on December 5th, at the Dupont Country Club. In this fashion show, all seniors who signed up were assigned into groups based on boutiques that they would be modeling. This year, there were a total of 13 boutiques, each of different styles, including Stile by Per Lei, Matthews Formal Wear, Morgans of Delaware, EFootwear, and more. Prior to the show, each senior visited their respective shop to either get sized for a suit, pick out a dress, or choose some shoes! This event directly benefited the senior class, as the profits made from the tickets and raffles profit senior events such as graduation and prom. 

The process of the fashion show began at 11:00am for the seniors. The early start gave them the opportunity to gather their outfits, touch up their looks, and practice their dances. 

After rehearsals, the Dupont Country Club staff and Archmere volunteers had to shut down the ballroom in order to prepare for the pre-show lunch, hosted for the friends and family of the senior participants.

While the seniors perfected their looks, members of the audience were treated with many amenities throughout the country club, including food, drinks, a raffle, and a photo gallery of the seniors. In the raffle, many parents and relatives could win baskets  of Archmere apparel, cookies, gift cards, and more. They also had the option of buying a photo portrait of the senior of their choice, all photographed by senior photography classes.

After their performance, each group of seniors went one by one, showcasing the outfits they chose from each boutique. They also performed rehearsed dances that two student parents, Mrs. Gioffre and Mrs. Udovich, choreographed for each group. 

After each groups’ performances, the seniors took one last catwalk down the stage and waved to the crowd. Then, they met with their family and friends, exchanging hugs and receiving congratulations from everyone. The senior appreciation was booming that night, and the show served as a fashionable night to begin a bittersweet goodbye, but we aren’t losing them just yet- there are plenty of more senior events to come!