UCA Cheer Camp


Emma Fannin '22, Staff Reporter

On September 17th and September 20th, Temple University graduate and member of the Universal Cheerleaders Association, Brooklyn Vaughan, travelled to Archmere to teach the cheerleaders some brand new skills. The cheerleaders spent six hours over those two days stunting, cheering, dancing, and most importantly, bonding with their new team. 

The Universal Cheerleaders Association, or UCA, is an association of young cheerleaders working to improve their skills and compete nationally, empowering each individual to reach their ultimate potential. The Archmere cheerleaders are honored to have been cheering alongside a UCA athlete and the camp itself “was a great experience for us as a team as it gave our new members a chance to learn from a professional… and it gave returning members a chance to become stronger,” says Archmere senior captain Ella Arcari. 

Just over the course of those two days the Archmere cheerleaders learned intense new stunts and even their whole pep rally routine. Additionally, the cheerleaders have not been able to attend this cheer camp since the 2019 season, so this was surely a big step in the right direction for the team. The camp closely bonded the team together and Arcari recounts that they are “so much more confident and excited to show what [they] learned during [their] pep rally performance.” In using these skills, they are definitely doing a great job keeping the crowd excited at every football game, riding along with the football team as they push a 5-0 record. These auks are without a doubt striving for greatness and the Archmere community cannot wait to see what other amazing stunts they have planned!