Filling a Legacy: Archmere Welcomes New Athletic Trainer Mr. James Clark


Meet Mr. James Clark

With the retirement of the long time head athletic trainer Jim Malseed this past school year, a new promising young trainer has been chosen to fill in the footsteps.

 Mr. James Clark III grew up in Randallstown, Maryland where he attended Kenwood High School. At Kenwood, Mr. Clark excelled in football as an outside linebacker and in lacrosse where he played defense, earning a spot on varsity as a sophomore. It was during this time when Mr. Clark discovered his passion for athletic treatment while becoming involved in the Sports Science Academy Magnet Program.

Mr. Clark attributes finding his passion for athletic training with him saying, “that program [Sports Science Academy Magnet Program] made me interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine.” 

This later inspired him to attend Neumann University where he played lacrosse for three years and he majored in athletic training.

 He interned at Archmere in the spring of 2020 after his fall internship at Malvern Prep. After graduating from Neumann, Mr. Clark moved to Baltimore where he served as an athletic trainer at two high schools and worked at a physical therapy clinic.

Following this, Mr. Clark returned to Archmere this fall as an athletic trainer whose “favorite part is getting to know and work with the athletes.” When asked about his least favorite part of the job, Mr. Clark said “There’s nothing about this job that I don’t love. The athletes, my coworkers, everything is great around here.” 

During games, Mr. Clark is constantly running around treating injuries and filling up water jugs to keep the teams healthy and prepared to play. During the week, he does the same, treating players who are nursing injuries in the training room and working them out on the field to be sure they are prepared to play the upcoming game at one hundred percent. 

It is without a doubt that Archmere’s athletic programs have benefited considerably from having some new energy in the training room and it is clear the enthusiasm Mr. Clark has for his craft the second one meets him. “He is a great help to all the teams and we want him to know how appreciative we are for his hard work and kindness to the players day in and day out (Ethan Menezes).”