Senior Girls Trip

Brigid Hamberger '22, Staff Reporter

This August the annual senior girl’s trip down to Cape Henlopen continued after having to cancel last year due to Covid-19. The weather was nice and sunny throughout the entire trip which led to long days spent on the beach. As much fun as the beach days were, the bonding activities created some lasting memories. On the first night there, Mrs. Reigner separated the girls into groups and asked them to create a vision board for the upcoming year. One group created a vision board that had the idea of being girl bosses and even used Nicki Minaj as their inspiration. This board was a fan favorite. Later that night all the faculty members and students gathered around the campfire to roast some marshmallows and create some smores. The next day some students woke up to join Dr. Archer, Ms. Linton, and Mrs. Lobo on a hike around the campsite. The scenery of the hike was amazing and students stopped multiple times to take pictures for their Instagrams. The scenery was so great the teachers and students decided to get lost and hike an extra mile that day! After going to the beach that day the group ventured off to Rehobeth’s boardwalk for a pizza night at Grotto’s followed up by a scavenger hunt. Overall, the trip was a success and the class of 2023 is the next group able to continue on this wonderful tradition!