Back to School: COVID Edition


Students at the 2021 Hoco Dance

Emma Heitzenroder ‘22, Staff Reporter

After an unexpected and very different school year in 2020-2021, Archmere Academy has returned with a brand new schedule in 2021-2022. “Although we are beginning the year with an additional layer of protection from the vaccine, we cannot let our guard down,” Madam Thiel stated in the Opening 2021-2022 school year letter. Over 75% of the student population is vaccinated, and over 90% of faculty. While the vaccine is not required, those who are not vaccinated received an email from Mrs. Hendrixson, School Nurse, regarding additional mitigation efforts that they need to take. 

Due to the strong layer of protection from the vaccine, Archmere students returned returning to school with a full schedule this year. However, this year students will experience more in-person class time throughout the day. In addition, a 30 minute “Work period” takes place every day after the 2nd period to allow students time to complete their work. “Green Days” have also been implemented into the new schedule this year. After taking inspiration from last year’s “C days,” Green days focus on Advisory and Learning support programs, community-centered liturgies, clubs and activities run by students, and AP labs. The objective of Green Days is to absorb all of the positive programs that make the Archmere community unique and create essential time to bring together community, creativity, and hard work amongst the student body. 

In addition, this year, students can attend more sporting events and dances, which have boosted the student body’s morale. Volleyball and football games have been largely attended this fall, in addition to all of the fall sports. The Homecoming dance was able to happen this fall (and MORP was postponed to the spring due to weather). Having the Archmere community reunite in various aspects of campus life has resulted in a positive attitude. Because of this, spirit week will be happening twice this year. Fun themes and activities will represent our appreciation for everything the Archmere faculty and staff members have done to make this year as festive as possible.