A COVID Valentine’s Day Etiquette


Grace Koch, Staff Reporter

Well, approaching the most romantic day of the year, I am pondering a COVID Valentine’s Day. How do you show your Valentine you care when you can’t be within 6 feet of them? Can you even kiss with a mask on? 

Starting a romantic relationship during a pandemic can be difficult, but plenty of long “distanced” relationships have made it.

Luckily, if you don’t have a Valentine, you can easily mask your sadness and blame it on, “this stupid virus.” 

But, if you’re lucky enough to have a COVID Valentine, there’s always the classic flowers, jewelry, love notes, chocolates, and hot pink umbrella, which can be safely exchanged via mail or throwing them at each other. If you are expecting numerous Valentines from numerous people, I advise you to bring a bucket in which to catch said gifts or to put on your head to avoid getting pelted by them. 

Here are some other ways to show your appreciation for your Valentine: 

  • Rather than holding hands, you can still feel connected to your Valentine by each holding the end of a jump rope.  
  • You can outwardly express your love for your Valentine with matching outfits! 
  • Air hugs 
  • You could show them how much you care by writing their name on your mask (or on the rock in front of the school in gigantic letters)
  • You can go to the Melting Pot and each gets your own distanced fondue pot, which is better anyway because who doesn’t want a gallon of melted cheese to themselves? 

I have this crazy idea… you can send love notes to each other… in the actual mail (like with a stamp and everything)! 

I hope this year, a masked Cupid shoots you with his sanitized arrow from 6 feet away and that you may find your high school sweetheart.