Student Reactions to the New Schedule


Bella Reeves, Staff Reporter

When asking the  grades here at Archmere their thoughts about this year they all had the same answer: “We love this schedule!”

 For many students the new async schedule allows the students to complete some of their numerous homework assignments before returning home. The schedule works by allowing half of the students to be physically in class with their teacher while the other students are spread out on campus either completing work for their scheduled class or homework for their other classes.

  Junior Ava Passehl likes the schedule saying “If I were a sophomore during this time I would have preferred the old schedule but since I’m a junior now and have more work the extra given time between classes is really helpful.” 

 When asking how she spent her async periods she responded, “It depends on the day. Sometimes I’ll work on my current art projects, do my homework, or sit and talk with my friends. It all depends on how much work I have.” 

Many students had the same response including Sophomore Gillie Hendrixon who shared the same feeling as Freshman Daphne Addo who said, “I’ve been spending my time doing homework, adjusting to high school life, and spending time with friends.”

 Seniors seem to see the most benefits of this new schedule as shown by Senior Ryan Farrell who said, “I do like the new Async schedule because we get to be on campus and I get to see my friends and teachers while also spending my async periods either doing any classwork or homework. Since I’m a Senior, during my free periods I have the option to come in late or leave early.”

 When asking Farrell about his preference of schedules he said, “Shockingly, I’d rather have this schedule for my Senior year because it resembles what a college schedule is like with the amount of free time we are granted. So it prepares me for what college is gonna be like next year and teaches me time management.” It seems as if the new COVID schedule is a hit for all grades.