Welcome Letter to the Freshmen


Katerina Medori

The Class of 2024,

Hello, my name is Katerina Medori and I am the managing editor for The Green Arch. The Green Arch is Archmere Academy’s newspaper publication. I have been a part of this club since freshman year, and have grown with the program. 

My freshman year, I wasn’t as involved as I am now. But this should not be the case. The freshman class is the new wave of ideas for the school and have just as important views and opinions as our veteran writers. Without you, the newspaper would lack a fourth of the school’s input. 

With the guidance of our editors, we would like to encourage you to join us. The student newspaper shares the views of the students and showcases the many different personalities of the student body. Everything from sports to news to opinions. There is always room for an idea, no matter how outlandish it might seem.

When you reflect back on your time at Archmere, being a part of the newspaper will be a unique experience. I look back at the various articles I wrote from food recipes to opinion pieces, and it shows my time at Archmere. All those memories and good times are recorded in the paper, and not from the upperclassmen, but from those who wanted to include it. 

Being an underclassman writer will help the whole staff see what opinions and issues the underclassmen want to be represented. For instance, I am not much in the sports sphere, but I know there are people out there. 

You would be a valuable asset to the staff because Archmere’s Class of 2024 is the future of Archmere Academy. Starting as a freshman writer now will help you be a senior editor later. The foundations you establish today will help build a new side of you that you might have never explored before.

So, in conclusion, we the staff of The Green Arch of 2020-2021, would like to see you write the future of Archmere one page at a time. What do you want your story to be?

Katerina Medori ‘21, Managing Editor