Winning a Championship, Though Being Placed on IR

Jake Nowaczyk

November 16, 2019: a date which will stick with me until I die–and then more. This date that I am referring to is the day that the 2019 Archmere Boy’s Soccer Team won its first-ever State Championship. Late in the 17th minute, Andrew Rosenbaum hit a ping to Joseph Iacono who tapped the ball in the goal; Archmere was up one to zero against Wilmington Friends. Fast forward sixty-three minutes, halftime, a few timeouts for yellow cards, and two timeouts for injuries, the clock had struck zero and the referees of the night had blown their whistles.

The game was over.

Archmere’s players, coaches, sidelines, and the massive crowd were all hysterical as the players had just won the first-ever Soccer State Championship. The energy in Senator’s stadium that night pounded the sound barriers, as you could hear the cheers, chants, and cries from the moon. That night will always be the one I will never forget for as long as I live, and even after that. 

There was, however, this feeling deep down that I knew was going to stick with me following the nights after the huge win. The feeling that I hadn’t contributed to the win at all and that my efforts at the beginning of the season had not helped. It’s not that I felt depressed or anything, I just felt unneeded. After these silent thoughts had lingered on long enough, Rosey (Andrew Rosenbaum) sent in ur soccer group chat saying, “I love you guys couldn’t be happier we won this together shoutout all the man u’s [Man U’s = Manchester United Test] and running and every memory we have together you guys are my family and we r bonded forever love you guys 13 out ❤️❤️.” 

This simple text message helped my thoughts after the game, especially coming from our first-ever two-year captain. Rosey was not the only teammate who expressed excitement; all of the senior, junior, and sophomore teammates expressed gratitude as well. All of the team spirit contributed to a very successful soccer season, making it one I and everyone else on the team will never forget.