Dr. Matthew Wilcox is Welcomed into the Archmere Community

Chole Mantakounis

From calculating the measurements of flour to calculating the measurements of velocity, new Physics teacher Dr. Matthew Wilcox joins us for his second year of teaching.

 Dr. Wilcox joins us from Ursuline Academy. Originally attending the University of Johnson and Wales, Wilcox majored in Baking and Pastry Arts, but soon realized that was not his passion.

 “I went, and eventually I realized that that’s not what I want to do with the rest of my life,” he said, “I was a little lost for a brief amount of time.”

 Wilcox then left Rhode Island and decided to go to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, as it was close to his family and his sister went there. He was still unsure of what he wanted to do, until he started looking at a list of majors at Maryland.

 Wilcox said, “It wasn’t until I got to the physics education major, my imagination started to go sort of wild.”

 Wilcox then attended the University of Central Florida for his doctoral degree, as he thought he would want to teach at a university. Saying that it was only a small preference, he realized he enjoyed teaching in a high school.

 He said, “Here I get to interact with people more than I would at a college.”

 Even though Wilcox is relatively new to teaching, he is passionate about the job. In the class, he makes sure that his students are paying attention and retaining the information well.

 “The students that really need to focus can’t have the distractions, that struggle a little more with the class, those are the people that I need to think about, in terms of being easy going or strict,” said Wilcox.

 Mr. Hartman, head of the science department interviewed Dr. Wilcox for the position. He explains why Wilcox was hired for the job.

 “He had experience in computer science and physics which was very useful for us and our department here,” said Hartman. “I think he also has a lot of places where he can fit in.”

 As Wilcox fits in, he also stands out. Hartman commented on some of the things that highlighted Dr. Wilcox compared to other interviewees, all positive attributes.

 “He’s very organized, he’s very sharp, and laid back and easy going, I think he could fit in well with any class,” said Hartman.

 Dr. Wilcox may be younger and have less experience in the teaching field than others, but Hartman thought that would be beneficial for Archmere.

 “You want a good breadth in departments–you want someone younger, they have new ideas.”

 Junior Allie McColgan, who has Wilcox’s class, stated what she thought about the new teacher.

 “He’s mostly laid back, but you can tell he’s trying to be strict,” said McColgan, “and he explains the math really well.”

 Wilcox hopes to stay at Archmere for a while, stating “I’m hoping that this becomes my long term job.”