Not your average “cup of joe” at two favorite coffee shop


Amelia Klinger

In an area surrounded by many coffee shops with a variety of drinks and menu options, it can be hard to choose the best fit for a coffee craving. Two popular coffee shops in Delaware are Brew Haha and Starbucks. 

Both coffee places provide a variety of food, from breakfast sandwiches to yogurts to lunch options. Furthermore, both coffee shops have an impressive drink menu ranging from the typical iced coffee to a wild caffeinated creation. The customer has the freedom to customize their order to their liking, allowing them to decide what they would like to take out or add to their drink.

 At the same time, both restaurants provide a clean, fun, and fresh environment. The stark colors of a Starbucks cafe show the sophistication of the corporation. The fun, mismatched environment of Brew Haha offers a playful vibe for every customer to enjoy. Both places make their regulars feel extremely welcome, going as far as to prepare a regular customer’s order before they even reach the counter!

At a typical Starbucks, you won’t find a complete menu. Only the newest caffeinations and the grande size price are depicted on the menu. The employees are generally very nice and always look put together in their uniforms. The typical cold brews and nitro cold brews are extremely strong and will definitely keep a person awake during a work or school day. The selection of food at Starbucks is slim, and most of the time lacking. Overall Starbucks is a 4.5 out of 5 coffee beans.

Brew Haha is native to Delaware; no other state has one! Every Brew Haha has an eclectic and eccentric vibe, with a fun, quirky and unique setting. The employees always make you feel welcome and treasure their frequent customers. The employees rarely match, and not having a required uniform allows for self expression which adds to the unique atmosphere. The variety of coffee drinks, as well as the sizes and prices, are always avaliable so you never go in buying a drink blind. Brew Haha has an extensive food menu, all of which tastes amazing. I would give Brew Haha 5 coffee beans out of 5 for their impeccable ambiance and amazing food and drinks.

If you are looking for a typical cup of joe, Brew Haha is the place to go, but if you are looking for wild, fun, and extremely sugary drinks, Starbucks has some perfect options! No matter the place, you will enjoy wonderful service, friendly baristas and cashiers, and a great atmosphere to enjoy food, meet up with friends, or even to get some work done.