Green and White Night


Natalie Gildea ‘23, Editor-In-Chief

On February 26th, Student Council hosted the 2nd annual Green and White Night. The Green Team won the first iteration of the event in 2020 and the White Team was hungry for victory. The white team entered the competition with a 5 point lead from homecoming week, and they cemented their lead with a dominant performance in giant volleyball. But this lead didn’t last for long. Green Team member Miles Kempski ‘24 hit enough free throws to secure a win for the green team in knockout. Still down 15-10, the Green Team had to win musical chairs to have a chance at winning. 

Luckily, Brian Hartman ‘23 won musical chairs for the Green Team in a fierce showdown. The Green Team was awarded 10 points for attendance and the White Team raised the most money for their charity, the Anthony Penna Charitable Fund, so the score was 25-20 before the final event – Dodgeball. It was truly anyone’s game but the White Team ultimately dominated the dodgeball court and secured their first-ever Green and White night title. Student Council Moderator Mr. Johnson said, “It was an incredible back and forth and such a fun event! We had almost half the school in attendance – what a success! I’m already looking forward to next year to see the Green Team make its comeback and hold the trophy once again!”

Surely, the Green Team will come back better than ever in 2023!