A Return to Normalcy for College Football Fans


Photo Credits: Getty Images

Mathew Malloy ‘24, Staff Reporter

As the college football season is beginning to take shape, it is getting easier to tell what teams have a shot at making the College Football Playoff. Only four total teams make the playoffs out of the hundreds in the nation, so there is very little room for error throughout the season. With the season underway, feelings of excitement and stress continue to build. Will your team be one of the few to make the playoffs? Watching every game, knowing it only takes one or two losses to knock your team out of contention. The feeling of packing tens of thousands of roaring fans into the stadiums every week is like no other. Even watching on television, you can feel the energy through the screen. In this age of Covid, obviously, this season doesn’t come without restrictions. For example, Syracuse is requiring proof of a negative Covid tests before entering the stadium. The same is true for LSU, who will require fans 12 and over to show a negative test before proceeding into the stadium. Even with these precautions, this season will still be a great one. The fans and players will make this season seem no different than others. Hopefully, this season will go on without a hitch, and could be one of the greatest yet.