The Helena Raskob Institute, A Place of Opportunity For One and All Musicians



Junior Maile Gutsche, who is involved in Mastersingers, practicing her vocals in the Patio with her coach.

There is now a new Archmere music program! The Helena Raskob Arts Institute is currently available to all Archmere students and hopes to have a performance as early as November. Taking advantage of Archmere’s beautiful Patio, the Institute serves two main purposes: to help individual students find private music tutors and to host a new chamber group for string instruments. 

Private after-school lessons are available for both piano and voice. Lessons for other instruments, such as the organ, are available upon request. This provides students an easy way to reach out to potential teachers and enhance their music careers. 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Schauber, the director of the Arts Institute is in charge of it and any students that wish to join should contact her. 

Helen Qi, ‘23, a violinist practicing at the Arts Institute, states that “Mrs. Schauber has been a super supportive and amazing coach… The club really provides a unique opportunity for any students to play in chamber groups. It’s also great for students who play a string instrument. I love playing in chamber groups on Saturdays and I’m so excited to have that community experience at Archmere as well.”

According to Mrs. Schauber, The Helena Raskob Arts Institute is “an umbrella for several artistic components… The building itself is a prime example of the neo-Renaissance movement at the turn of the 19th century, fashioned after a 15th century Italian Villa. The place is exploding with architectural and design details that in itself, serves as an amazing platform for arts education.”

The new chamber group currently meets on Thursday mornings. A variety of musical pieces are available for students and are encouraged to work at their own pace. There will be performances, but they have not been scheduled yet. Students of all levels can meet to play and practice music in an orchestra group, an opportunity that was previously missing at Archmere. Currently, they are working on a Vivaldi Concerto for four violins.

The Helena Raskob Arts Institute brings an innovative opportunity for the growth of Archmere’s musical community.