Broadway Shutting Down: How Will the Holidays be Affected?


Emma Heitzenroder, Staff Reporter

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person productions have been closed in New York City since March. Although the closure was originally scheduled to last a month, the Broadway theaters will remain closed through June 1, 2021. As coronavirus cases in New York City have been increasing, the virus has crippled the live theater industry. As New York City continues on a rigorous path to recovery, the state is planning for a safe comeback that will enable families and friends to connect this Winter. 

As the holidays approach, will New York City be the same? Many Archmere families enjoy escaping their jam-packed schedules to travel to New York City over the holidays. Tourists who venture to New York City to experience Broadway plays will feel less obligated to travel to the city this year. For many people, it will be less exciting to travel to New York City this Christmas without easily booking a hotel room and spending time with their families in Broadway theaters. 

 The Health and Safety Guidelines presented in New York City also make it much more difficult to travel and book a hotel room to people who live out of state. Although families of the Archmere community will not be able to experience Broadway musicals this winter, there are still many outdoor activities to undertake such as ice skating at Rockefeller Center and walking around Times Square.