From Dolphins to High School Students, Ms. DW Makes an Impact on the Archmere Community

From Dolphins to High School Students, Ms. DW Makes an Impact on the Archmere Community

Niamh Cranny and Chloe Mantakounis

Welcoming multiple new teachers to Archmere this year, one highlight is certainly Ms. Leah Davidson-Wolf, the new Biology (and hopefully soon-to-be Marine Biology) teacher. Ms. DW (as she prefers to go by) with all her passions fits right into the Archmere community.

 Ms. DW grew up in Maryland.  In high school she wanted to be a veterinarian, then decided she wanted to work in a zoo or an aquarium; one thing she is most passionate about is animals. She previously taught dolphins as an animal trainer then taught high schoolers, then middle schoolers, and now high schoolers again here at Archmere. 

Ms. DW got into teaching when she was an animal trainer: “I went from teaching animals to teaching animals and this time the animals can talk back.” She decided to completely switch to teaching in schools because “One of my favorite parts was that I got to talk to all the kids and teach them about the dolphins.”

 Ms. DW said, “I’m passionate about Biology, and I want to share that with all of my students. I want them to see how biology can touch their lives even if they’re not interested in a career in biology, but it still affects them, it’s still a part of them…that’s what I really want my students to learn is that even if they don’t like Biology that they do know it’s a part of everything they do.”

 Ms. DW noted the hard time her students were going through, being freshmen in high school during Covid-19 is not easy. As she’s noticed their hard work, she stated, I think it really shows how the Archmere community sticks together so much.”

 Ms. DW plans to stay here long term: “I would love to…I love the community that Archmere has…it’s something that I had at my high school growing up…I think that’s a really valuable thing.” Ms. DW has and will continue to contribute her passion for Biology at Archmere. We recommend stopping by her office to meet her snake Sage and her bearded dragon.

Not only is Ms. DW passionate about teaching Biology, but she also has become an Assistant Coach for the Cross Country team. Her affinity for running began in highschool, when she ran cross country herself. Unfortunately, she was injured sophomore year and could not run. Yet, in a turn of events Ms. DW became an assistant coach for her high school track team in the spring. She said that her experience with coaching contributed to her path of becoming a teacher, because she enjoyed helping and guiding her teammates for their benefit. (quote?) Now, Ms. DW encourages Archmere’s runners like her she was in highschool. Offering tips, following along on runs, and pushing each member to do their best are just a few things Ms. DW had done this fall to bolster Archmere’s Cross Country team. 

Ms. DW has already made an impression on Archmere’s community, athletes, and students.