Best Christmas Gifts

  1. Candles. Always. Everyone loves their house to smell good. My personal favorites would include Cranberry Orange Scone by the Dancing Wick Candle Co. and anything that smells like Santa’s Workshop.
  2. Slippers. Sometimes we need shoes that look like school-legal Sperry’s.
  3. Cool Jacket. We all love to wear puffer or fuzzy coats. This is another great option to wear in the chilly school when the sweater just won’t keep you warm enough!
  4. Candy. This is the perfect cheap option for your sweet-obsessed friend. It’s like a million bucks to them! 
  5. Caroline’s Bday is on Christmas. She’d like a birthday present. 
  6. Gift Cards. Enough said. Everyone loves a free Starbucks Peppermint Mocha latte.
  7. Earbuds. It doesn’t hurt to have a few extra pairs of this school essential. 
  8. Jewelry. It’s made to be a stocking stuffer. Rings, bracelets, chockers, anklets, and so much more to elevate your 2020 style.
  9. Reusable Water Bottles. Not only do they help the environment (save the turtles!), but they are trendy and inexpensive! My favorites include Nalgene, Nathan, and Hydroflask.
  10. Books. Even though it’s a break from school, it doesn’t hurt to read a book for fun (wow, what a concept!) Some of my favorite quick reads include 
  11. Cards. It seems old school, but most of the time a heartfelt card touches a loved one more than an expensive gift. 
  12. Socks. Fluffy, funny, or crazy socks will never fail as a Christmas present. 
  13. Photo Album. Even though we have access to photos on our phones, a photo album with personally selected pictures always gives a personal and tangible, lasting memories!  
  14. A customized bobblehead. Yes, you heard us correctly.