Seniors Hit the Runway

Mother’s Guild hosts annual Fashion show at Dupont Country Club

Erin Pearson, Meghan Lairdson, Izzy Giofre, Rory Clark, Micheal Albero, Owen Heindrixson, Ty Brinker, Micheal Berman

Phoebe Brinker and Emma Villaverde

Lights, runway, dance! The 2019 Archmere fashion show held at DuPont Country Club showcased the Senior class who rocked a plethora of outfits, ranging from athleisure to business casual to even prom wear. Each year, the Mother’s Guild brings together senior families, friends, and the Archmere community for a day of fashion. We couldn’t get enough sparkles, prints, furs, heels, and so much more! Aside from the seniors hitting the runway and dancing to upbeat tunes, the show offered silent auctions and exclusive Archmere gear. Seniors showcased thirteen brands who generously provided the clothing and accessories, danced choreographed routines, and of course added their own unique personality to spice up the event. If you couldn’t make the show, here’s what you missed!

Ski Bum opened the show all bundled up in snow gear, dancing to “We Need a Little Christmas” with prop candy canes and gift boxes. We could not get enough of their Rockette kicks and upbeat performance! For formal wear, the senior models for David’s Bridal strutted on the runway in their sparkly prom dresses and heels. They stole the show with their glee version of “Jingle Bells,” which brought out the joyful Christmas spirit! Also strutting in their beautiful gowns, Jennifer’s bridal group rocked the runway to “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire. Their teamwork and radiant smiles encaptured the spirit of the senior class and Archmere!

The Blythe girls took the runway by storm with their performance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” They flawlessly worked together to pull off the iconic single ladies dance, leaving the whole audience cheering. Next, the Ellie group modeled to the only country show of the show, catching the audience by surprise! With the “Chicken Fried” remix by Zac Brown Band, this group of girls hit the runway with their studded purses and patterned pants, leaving the audience full of patriotism.

The Gap models, entering from the crowd, faced each other in what seemed like a boys vs. girls riff off to “That’s What I Like” by Flo Rida. With their bright hats and cool moves, they left the whole audience clapping to the beat! When the Scout and Molly’s group came out next, dancing to “Good as Hell” by Lizzo, they certainly lived up to the hype of their iconic song choice. They danced to the beat of the music and channeled their inner girl power! After girl groups left the stage, the boys-only Matthew’s Formal Wear came on as the largest group of the night on stage. They rocked unique tuxedos ranging in color, style, and even patterns! Dancing to “Apache(jump on it),” the boys stole the runway with their spins and shades.  

With their creative, playful entrances, Jacques Ferber Furs models left it all on the runway. They rocked their unique fur outfits while dancing to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” leaving the whole audience laughing. Afterwards, dancing to “Rockin’ Robin” by Michael Jackson, the Morgans group strutted to the beat and worked together to leaving everyone cheering! The Wilmington Country Store group rocked their fabulous outfits to “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” With trust falls and partner work, this group left the audience on the edge of their seats!

Rocking their athleisure wear, the Athleta group rocked their brand to “Wave Your Flag,” channeling a sense of Archmere spirit as a few boys ran out with the Auks flags. As the show was winding down the girls dances with spirit, not letting the audience take their eyes off of the stage! To round out the show, the final group of seniors modeled Banana Republic. They shimmied and strutted down the runway to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana”, with Riley McAvinue taking the lead to sing the iconic hit. With their grapevines and maracas, this was the perfect finale for the 2019 Archmere fashion show.

But wait, it’s not over yet! Together, the seniors took one final walk around the ballroom to “Good Day” to showcase their looks one final time. From the senior class, we thank everyone who helped organize the event and donated to make the 2019 Fashion Show the best one yet!