New York City Teacher Gets Comfortable in the Suburbs


Jill Farrell

As a teacher at an all-boys school in uptown Manhattan, Mr. Quinn was a well-rounded individual fit for teaching and encouraging students in the classroom. Now, he brings his skills to Archmere Academy, where he was recently hired as a teacher in the English Department.  

Mr. Quinn recently moved from New York to Pennsylvania in order to pursue his passion for teaching at a brand new school. In his new position he teaches American Literature and Short Fiction. 

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Quinn worked as a paralegal in New York, eyeing a potential career as a lawyer. While working with lawyers, he realized that career did not appeal to him. He had considered teaching in the past and decided to revisit that idea. 

“I realized that being a lawyer is a lot about winning your argument,” said Quinn. “I found that I would rather not be trying to win an argument but just trying to have a conversation.” 

Teaching is not Mr. Quinn’s only passion. He also finds much enjoyment from several hobbies including cycling, playing music, and reading books. One of the musical instruments Quinn plays is the harmonica. 

Music plays a big role in Mr. Quinn’s life. While in college, Quinn worked as a radio DJ which exposed him to many types of music. His favorite music is “punkish” rock ‘n’ roll. 

“I have been in a couple different bands,” said Quinn. “Playing in the bands has just been a hobby for me. It is totally just for fun.” 

During the summertime, Mr. Quinn can be found in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania where he currently lives or in Rhode Island visiting his parents. Traveling to the scenic areas of New England with its many beautiful and coastal views is something he looks forward to each year.

“The other place I can be found is in Maine,” said Quinn. “My wife enjoys spending time there.” 

In his free time, Mr Quinn enjoys reading. His favorite book is The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. He explained that this novel had a major impact on him. He realized that books can have a meaningful affect on people. As a result, he began to think differently about the impression one book can make. This revelation helped to steer his career interests and path. As an English teacher, he has a love for writing, reading, and learning about different perspectives through the works that he reads. 

“I read a ton,” said Quinn. “I wish I had more time to read.”

Mr. Quinn has come to love Archmere and the people he works with on a day-to-day basis. He feels that the teachers have expressed extreme kindness to him since he has arrived. 

In return, the Archmere teachers feel that Mr. Quinn is a great addition to their team. Mrs. Maher, a teacher in the English department, acknowledged the great qualities Mr. Quinn has brought to the school. 

“We are excited to have Mr. Quinn on board,” said Mrs. Maher. “He brings a lot of thoughtful and creative ideas for us to incorporate into our classrooms. We feel lucky to have had such an experienced teacher join the department.”

“I love the spirit that you guys have here,” said Quinn. “The Archmere school spirit is a great quality of the school and something that isn’t seen at many other schools.”

The Archmere community appreciates the talents and spirit that Mr. Quinn has brought to the school.