The Beauty of the Impromptu


Bella Dayrit, Art & Photography Editor

I believe the best things are created on a whim: a random thought, an impulsive action, an impromptu gesture. 

When you create from thoughts that come from out of the blue, you express what purely is from your subconscious and imagination. Although some can view these creations or actions as impulsive, I firmly believe that when you create from the spur of the moment, it will be a proper form of self-expression. I’m not exactly commending people for being reckless. However, I’m encouraging others to give themselves more freedom to do what they want.

For example, this summer, I randomly had the impulse to create this painting, and I feel it’s the best work I’ve ever done. Without worrying about planning everything out, I just went with my gut and painted what I felt should be on the canvas.

Sometimes it’s good to be free from the usual thought process that comes with making decisions. Thinking things through all the time takes out the joy and excitement of the unexpected. Continually being in thought all the time prevents you from living in the moment.

Practicing actions, such as these, is also good for being quick on your feet and flexible whenever unexpected situations arise. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy!